Legal Awards: prizes with prices

legal awards

So this week, I got an e-mail from Corporate INTL, congratulating me that I won the award for ‘International Litigation Law Firm of the Year in Belgium‘.  Apparently my ‘colleagues’ and ‘clients’ estimated that my firm beat all the Allen&Overy‘s and Baker&McKenzie‘s this year.

As that might not come a surprise, I am still surprised that people/clients/companies actually value these awards.  In recent years – and much against the will of the Belgian Bar – legal awards have taken the Belgian legal market by storm.  Some colleagues’ e-mail signature is twice as long as the actual contents of their e-mails with all the .jpgs of their awards.

Is there any client out there who really believes these awards mean anything, and are not just marketing-tools-to-buy?

Acclaiming my prize would cost me between 360 and 1.200 euros, depending how big I wanted my picture in the winners book.

Twenty minutes after me, my partner Christoph Kocks ‘won’ the award for ‘Distribution Law Firm of the Year in Belgium’.  His award came for the same price.

So we shook hands and congratulated each other, after which we both deleted the e-mails.


2 thoughts on “Legal Awards: prizes with prices

  1. I will offer you and your Partner a cut price-deal. I will issue you a nice diploma and publish your names in my winner’s book at only EUR 100/ person. Don’t bother sending me a picture – I will either use the ones from your brilliant Christmas Cards or not bother at all using a picture.

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