Legal Awards: prizes with prices (2) – Trophy Time!


After long debates with my ego, I decided in the end not to claim the prize that I won.  After a few reminders that my place in the winners’ book would slip through my fingers, I thought I would be safe for another year.

Alas, how could I forget?  They hadn’t told me the price of my trophy yet!  This 1,6kg crystal capture of my victory on Allen&Overy would only cost me 145 euros (shipment costs excluded – but who cares in the excitement of victory).

What to do with it?  Well, luckily I don’t have to think about that myself:

A trophy would be a fantastic statement of your achievement and there are numerous benefits to ordering this permanent reminder of your success:

·            To be displayed in your personal office

·            For the reception area of your office ensuring visitors take notice of your success

·            To be provided to the members of your team who have added to the success of your firm

·            To be kept at home as a memento

And what would a victory be without some secret backstabbing:

If you want to order more than one trophy with different wording this is not a problem, some people like to have a trophy with the firm name and one with their own name.

I can’t wait till mine arrives in the promised luxurious gift box!