The lawyer and the media

nulens saltalamacchia hertenweg murderMr. Kris Luyckx is one of the most famous criminal defense lawyers of Belgium.  Here you see him defending one of the accused in the Nulens and Saltalamacchia vs. Hertenweg murder trail.

Some say criminal lawyers are only looking for media attention and trials covered extensively in the media.

Some even say that they only have eye for the camera…

Picture ©HBVL


Please wait… the Court is moving

moving-snoopy2So we have been battling for some years now against the Belgian State itself on behalf of big German insolvency administrator in – what seemed to be and actually is – a simple application of the European Insolvency Regulation 1346/2000.

Of course, nothing is simple if the Belgian State has to return +3M euros after a successful clawback action, leading up to us obtaining penalty payments against the State.  The judgment was expected somewhere end February.

As we were already mid March, I decided to call the Clerks of the Court of Attachments to ask why the judgment was not pronounced yet.

The Clerk told me on the phone: ‘the judgment has been pronounced already a few weeks ago, but we are behind in sending the copies out.  We are in the middle of moving and because the State did not want to hire a moving company, we are moving ourselves.  And we can’t move and do our work at the same’.

Oh yeah… the Clerks were moving from 2nd floor to 3rd floor… same building…

Uber going under?


Last week, there were many reasons to celebrate in Brussels.  Not only did winter 2013-2014 turn out to be one of the warmest winters ever, but also Uber launched its services (finally) in Brussels (albeit only UBERpop).

I have used Uber myself in Paris and was very happy with it.  No stinky cabs, no driving around the same block for the 4th time, no hassle with cash money, no explaining your driver how to drive, no tilting meters after midnight, …

You would think the city of Brussels would welcome Uber, especially after all those stories of fake/real Brussels taxi drivers kidnapping and raping tourists.

But Belgium would not be Belgium if we did not find some rules somewhere that were violated.  Yesterday, the 2 only Uber vehicles in Brussels were seized by the police after a ‘random’ police control.  Authorities in charge say Uber violated following rules:

i. the drivers did not pass the exam (strange… I once had a ‘regular’ taxi driver who neither spoke English, French nor Dutch – I wonder in which language he took his exam)

ii. they don’t follow the price setting (hello non-competition authority?)

iii. the cars are not marked properly (you know… the marks that the kidnapping taxis do have)

Apparently, local Brussels authorities also sent a formal complaint letter to Uber in US to stop all its activities.  Probably drafted in French…