Kocks & Partners – Wirtschaftsrecht kompakt Oktober 2014

Here you can find the newsletter (in German) of Kocks & Partners about business law in Belgium from Oktober 2014, dealing with topics: steuerrecht, channeling, mehrwertsteuer, gesellschaftsrecht, eigentumsvorbehalt, insolvenz


Unfair Commercial Practices: UNIZO living on the edge

UNIZO is a well-known and well-established national defender of the rights of entrepreneurs and SME‘s.

As a white knight, UNIZO fights against commercial injustice and everything that can cause harm to the Belgian business scene.

One of the examples is the battle against companies as XL MEDIA, which send UNIZO’s members commercial offers disguised as transaction forms.  Of course, there are always less attentive members who pay the transaction form not knowing it was only a commercial offer.  Luckily, UNIZO warns its members for such unfair commercial practices.

Otherwise, I would have probably paid myself the transaction form I received from UNIZO which is only a commercial offer to become member…

Builders be careful what you shout on the streets of Belgium… the new Belgian anti-sexism Act

sexism anti-discrimination

Since August 3, 2014, builders and other street workers are warned in Belgium: a new anti-sexism Act came into force.

As it has become the habit of the powers-to-be to write the rule of law in such way only (expensive) lawyers understand what is meant (and even then…), the Belgian Institute for Equality of Women and Men published a manual for the new Act.

From now on and according to this manual, shouting following sentences could make you end up in prison or fined:

– ‘a directors meeting is not a tupperware-evening’

– ‘a woman has nothing to do on a construction site’

– ‘what a sissy’

– ‘again somebody who is spending the money of her husband on shoes’

– ‘how much?’

Or as the Dean of the University of Leuven said: ‘shouldn’t we accept as society that some people can’t help it to be plain blunt?’