Builders be careful what you shout on the streets of Belgium… the new Belgian anti-sexism Act

sexism anti-discrimination

Since August 3, 2014, builders and other street workers are warned in Belgium: a new anti-sexism Act came into force.

As it has become the habit of the powers-to-be to write the rule of law in such way only (expensive) lawyers understand what is meant (and even then…), the Belgian Institute for Equality of Women and Men published a manual for the new Act.

From now on and according to this manual, shouting following sentences could make you end up in prison or fined:

– ‘a directors meeting is not a tupperware-evening’

– ‘a woman has nothing to do on a construction site’

– ‘what a sissy’

– ‘again somebody who is spending the money of her husband on shoes’

– ‘how much?’

Or as the Dean of the University of Leuven said: ‘shouldn’t we accept as society that some people can’t help it to be plain blunt?’


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