Consumer law – when a pig in a poke turns out to be a horse


Don’t you just love those little local Courts?  Nowhere can you find such diversity in case law.

Take for example the decision of 16th October 2013 by the civil Court of First Instance Dinant.  The Court had to rule about a case where a horse was sold which turned out to be injured.

Main question was if the Act of September 1, 2004, concerning the protection of consumers in sales of consumer goods would apply to this sale-purchase.

The Court ruled that a horse is a moveable good in accordance to art. 528 Belgian Civil Code.  Moreover, the seller was considered a professional seller as he was a farmer who regularly sold horses.

The injury of the horse was also considered as a non-conformity and thus the sale-purchase was annulled by the Court.


Unfair Commercial Practices: UNIZO living on the edge

UNIZO is a well-known and well-established national defender of the rights of entrepreneurs and SME‘s.

As a white knight, UNIZO fights against commercial injustice and everything that can cause harm to the Belgian business scene.

One of the examples is the battle against companies as XL MEDIA, which send UNIZO’s members commercial offers disguised as transaction forms.  Of course, there are always less attentive members who pay the transaction form not knowing it was only a commercial offer.  Luckily, UNIZO warns its members for such unfair commercial practices.

Otherwise, I would have probably paid myself the transaction form I received from UNIZO which is only a commercial offer to become member…